. FINDET.RU. re-planning, the re-planning coordination. building and repair (european-quality repair).

Building and repair

Of service

  • Building and major repairs of buildings and constructions
  • Civil work (full european-quality repair)
  • The device of apertures in bearing and
  • The spadework, dismantle
  • Maljarno-plaster and painting and decorating
  • The device of pendant balconies
  • Electroinstallation works
  • Sanitary works
  • Installation of windows from pvc and
  • Tiled works
  • The device of fireplaces
  • Floor works
  • The device of waterproofing


Qualitative repair with use modern Any overlappings.

Licensed building organisation

High quality, the low prices.

It is quickly solved any problems.

Ph. 629-49-40 Or 792-62-73



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