. FINDET.RU. re-planning, the re-planning coordination. building and repair (european-quality repair).

Re-planning, the coordination of re-planning

Of service

  • Architectural designing, design of premises
  • The coordination of re-plannings in apartments with any quantity of rooms
  • Combination, expansion of bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens
  • The coordination of re-planning with association of apartments
  • The coordination of re-plannings at offices and uninhabited premises
  • Change and the coordination of the facades, separate inputs
  • The coordination of conditioners, satellite aerials
  • Joining (in various forms) technical floors (attic)
  • Joining of platforms (vestibule zones)
  • The building licence and operation of fireplaces
  • Reception of the permission to reconstruction (reconstructive works)
  • Reception of the certificate on the property (about the property right)
  • Privatization
  • Reception of the initially-allowing documentation ()
  • Reception of the certificate of resolved use ()
  • Joining of balcony
  • Of work on ventilation and water drain
  • Some other services

Stages (order) of work as agreed documents

  1. Departure of the expert on a place and consultations is free:

    1.1 examination of a state of affairs (documents)

    1.2 technical inspection of object


  2. Formation of a package of necessary documents, such, as:

    2.1 The notarial power of attorney on the right of business management

    2.2 copy the plan and an explication of premise

    2.3 technical conclusion of the specialised organisation about possibility of re-planning or premise re-equipment (,mosproject, etc.)

    2.4 working out of the outline sketch (a building part)

    2.5 consent of all interested full age tenants and proprietors of reconstructed premises with the declared re-planning (re-equipment) assured in the location of a considered premise on the form of moszhilinspektsii

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    2.6 copy of the document on the property right, hiring or rent on considered premise

    2.7 extract from the house register and a copy financially-personal account (for apartments)

    2.8 inquiry on a condition of a building (premise) - the form 5 (in certain cases)

    2.9 extract from characteristics sheet on a building (premise) - the form 1 (in certain cases)

    2.10 c neighbours in the form of certificates (in certain cases)

    2.11 insurance policy (civil liability insurance before the third parties for the caused damage to health and property)

    2.12 contract on technical supervision of re-planning realisation (in certain cases)

    2.13 contract on garbage removal (full)

  3. The re-planning project is co-ordinated with following organisations:

    3.1 management of state fire service

    3.2 gossanepidnadzor of district ()

    3.3 balansoderzhatel of building

    3.4 architecturally management of district

    Of 3.5 glavapu (in certain cases)

    3.6 "moscow gas"

    3.7 "mosvodokanal" (in certain cases)

    3.8 thermal networks "mosenergo"

    3.9 moscow cable network "mosenergo"

    3.10 state housing inspection of district

    3.11 other organisations (in certain cases)

    3.12 signing of certificates for latent works

    3.13 signing of certificates about complete reorganisation

    3.14 entering of new data in

    3.15 definitive stage - re-planning registration in moskomregistratsii

The price and procedure of payments

    Cost of services from 1200$. dates of performance from 2 months. payment is carried out in 2 or 3 stages:

  1. All official payments in the establishments, confirmed with accounts and checks, including working out and manufacturing of the project and the technical conclusion.
  2. Final settlement is made at reception of documents by the customer. all calculations are made in us dollars, and payments - in roubles as it and is provided by the russian legislation.

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